About us

The goal of the Geography Zone is to put a stop to geographical ignorance throughout the world, and every project we take on is part of our continuing efforts to achieve this goal. The Geography Zone has been created by a team of businesses and individuals dedicated to this cause. This site also hopes to increase awareness in the subject of geography among children since many schools have limited their geography curriculum or have eliminated it completely. With GeographyZone.com, all now have the opportunity to participate in fun activities while promoting higher awareness in the subject of geography.

Here at the Geography Zone, our international geography competition is now the largest geography competition ever; over 2.3 million participants representing 193 countries have participated in the Geography Challenge. And now, the Challenge not only tests participants’ knowledge of the locations of specific countries, but it also includes other challenges on the capitals of the world as well as contests focusing on individual regions across the globe.

The enthusiasm that the Geography Zone has fostered cannot be overstated in its role of geography education. The study of geography, commonly viewed as a tedious and boring task, can now be a dynamic and fun experience.

The Geography Zone also offers a variety of products that will help anyone develop a firm foundation in geographic knowledge.

If you would like to get in touch with the team for any reason, please contact us through any of the resources below.

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